Basic - OSINT - M06 - Gathering geographic data with WikiMapia

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1. Why would you want to use Wikimapia in OSINT?

Wikimapia is one of the best free map resources. Maps are really important in OSINT technology, especially when we are able to connect those data with other social media data with geo tags.

Maps can be great for data visualization, sometimes things are not clear when we look at those raw data and when those kind of data can be visualized on maps we can find out new informations which were not so obvious before.

2. How to use Wikimapia in OSINT?

2.1 Get places from Wikimapia based on provided BoundingBox.

How to run this code:

python -lon_min 20.99 -lat_min 52.22 -lon_max 21.01 -lat_max 52.23


-lon_min - Place minimal longitude

-lat_min - Place minimal latitude

-lon_max - Place maximum longitude

-lat_max - Place maximum latitude



File Header:


2.2 Search for place nearest to the provided geo location.

How to run this code:

python -n tarasy -long 21.01 -lat 52.22


-n - Name of the place

-long - Place longitude

-lat - Place latitude


Output printed in console

3. Next steps

The aim of this article was to show and present the possibilities of using Facebook as a source of data, I described why Facebook can be so important in OSINT and how to gathenring data from it.

Please remember that this is just an introduction and covers only data gathering, you should realize that this is just a first step into OSINT world, in next we should know how to analyze collected data and how to get information from such data. These steps I would like to describe in Advanced OSINT series, so please leave the comment below if you are interested in such series of articles.

4. Additional information

The source code attached to this article is available on GitHub.

To start working with Wikimapia API you will need register your app and gain a developer key, you can do this here. In above examples we used a Wikimapia API for Python.

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