Basic - OSINT - Gathering information from the Web

This post is an introduction to OSINT Series on this blog. Bellow part introduces first steps into OSINT using publicly available social media APIs. We will be using here Python language.

open-source intelligence methods and techniques to collect, collate and analyse open source information to generate intelligence.

For projects based on geolocation, feel free to use my simple project, which will help you to obtain bounding box coordinates - OSINT-Maps-Helper, for some APIs it will hopefully be very usefull, of course its source code is on GitHub.

All of the source codes for each module will be available in osint-series GitHub repository.

The whole material is divided into following modules, each module will be published here every week:

1. Twitter API

Twitter samples are based on Tweepy.

Basic samples:

1.1 Get user tweets and save them.

1.2 Discover friends for Twitter user.

1.3 Discover followers for Twitter user.

1.4 Determine about what people are twitting at the current moment.

2. Instagram API

Instagram samples are based on Python-Instagram.

Basic samples:

2.1 Discover friends for Instagram user.

2.2 Discover followers for Instagram user.

2.3 Get photos of Instagram user.

3. YouTube API

YouTube samples are based on YouTube Data API Client Library for Python.

Basic samples:

3.1 Search for video with keywords.

3.2 Search for video with keywords and geolocation.

4. Facebook API

Facebook samples are based on Facebook Python SDK.

Basic samples

4.1 Download all feed from selected funpage.

4.2 Find out what fanpages are liked by another fanpage.

4.3 Search Facebook for specific phrase.

5. Web Scraping

Basic samples:

5.1 Getting data from services without API using

5.2 Turning data from pages into API using KimonoLabs.

5.2 Simple web scraper using Python.

5.3 Find out fanpage likes.

6. Geographic data

Geographic spatial data uses here accessed by Wikimapia API for Python.

Basic samples:

6.1 Using Google Maps to prepare your own map with layers.

6.2 Get places from Wikimapia based on provided BoundingBox.

6.3 Search for place nearest to the provided geo location.

If you are interested in Advanced OSINT technics using social media APIs, leave your comment below to motivate me.

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